Luxuriate Life visits us for a Gold Post Covid Health Screen

Luxuriate Life visits us for a Gold Post Covid Health Screen

Many thanks to Luxuriate Life who recently came to visit us for a Post Covid-19 Health Screen (the Gold Package).

As mentioned in Luxuriate Life’s article, the Gold Post Covid Health Screen includes :

  • A 60 min consultation with one of our experienced Harley Street doctors
  • A full Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Abdominal examination
  • Blood Oxygen saturations
  • Full 12 Lead ECG – to check both the rhythm and for any heart damage
  • Chest X-Ray – to ensure that your lungs appear normal and no visible scarring is present
  • Lung spirometry – to assess the capacity and function of the lungs

    Blood Test which includes:
  • Full haematology and biochemistry profile relating to live, kidney, diabetes, cholesterol, iron, blood levels (there are 25 specific lab readings
  • Inflammatory markers (ESR and CRP) and tissue damage (LDH)
  • Heart muscle/skeletal muscle damage (CK)
  • Vitamin D levels
  • Covid-19 IgG Antibodies (Abbotts Index Level indication is available upon request)

A personalised report is then sent which would include a full analysis of results, highlighting any problems and an action plan to follow. A further consultation to discuss results and answer any questions which patients may have is also included in the Gold Package.

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For the full article on Luxuriate Life’s experience,
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