Stop right ear!

Stop right ear!

Ear wax problems ought not to be a nightmare but when it does occur the deafness and discomfort can drive one mad!

Three Simple and Effective tips to clean ears:
1. Use sodium bicarbonate ear drops twice a day.
2. Do not go digging with a cotton bud as often this compounds the problem by pushing the wax further down the canal.
3. Steam rooms or simply having a hot shower can help moisten and loosen the ear wax. Obviously we do not advise irrigating your ears in this fashion.

Safe wax removal should be carried out by a doctor. Your ear canal and eardrum are delicate and can be damaged easily by your own attempts to remove excess earwax.

Here at the London Harley Street Practice we are able to ensure that you get the right treatment. If ear syringing is necessary we are able to perform this on the same day. The total cost for this (both ears) is £95 which includes the consultation. Our Private GPs are more than happy to listen with open ears to your concerns.

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