Simple tips to prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Simple tips to prevent Urinary Tract Infections

The incidence of UTIs is highest in young women. Up to 20% of women will suffer from symptoms associated with a urinary tract infection at some time. If you have suffered in the past or would like to prevent these from ever occurring we have listed 4 simple tips to prevent them. 

1. Drink plenty of lovely refreshing water.
2. Don’t delay when you need to pass urine.
3. Drink unsweetened pure cranberry juice.
4. Maintain good personal hygiene.

Never ignore recurrent urinary infections as this can lead to significant health problems and even sepsis. Call us today or book online to discuss this with our Private doctors.

If you have experienced symptoms please do see a Dr for further advice or book in today at our clinic. You may require a short course of antibiotics which we are able to prescribe / dispense. Furthermore we are able to carry out a urine microscopy and culture in order to identify the causative bacteria.

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