Lyme light it isn’t…

Lyme light it isn’t…

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection (Borrelia) which is spread to humans by infected ticks. The symptoms of Lyme disease can be very non-specific and can appear up to 30 days after being bitten. Treating it early on is key to successful resolution.

Inadequate or delayed treatment increase the risk of developing potentially severe and long-lasting symptoms such as tiredness, aches and loss of energy. This is known as post-infectious Lyme disease and is often compared to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

We are able to listen to your worries and test for Lyme disease immediately. Call us today or book online to discuss this with our doctors.

The cost of the blood test alone is £147 for Borrelia IgM and IgG levels. We can even do further tests searching for causes of fatigue.

Typical bull’s eye rash

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